Commitment to Quality

Monitor Products, Inc focuses on providing Total Customer Solutions by operating within a LEAN quality centered business model. Our long term customer-centric vision centers around producing the highest quality products that are delivered to the customer on-time, and  at the lowest overall cost. We understand that total cost involves more than the cost of the delivered product but also includes ongoing cost of ownership to the end user. Our core vision includes a LEAN Quality Control process which maintains the latest Quality Procedures and Certifications. We are proud to have earned, and maintain the latest ISO 9001:2015.

QUALITY CONTROL (In-House Production)
As a complete-solution OEM product supplier many of the products we produce require custom solutions. In an ongoing effort to manage the lowest cost solutions possible, we maintain control over as much of the product content as possible from start to finish. This equates to better on-time delivery, a higher level of quality and therefore a lower overall cost to our customers. We produces our own brass fittings, connectors, flare fittings, brass tanks, brackets, painting, casting tooling and patterns, and custom packaging. Having more direct control of the content allows us to react to customers demands more quickly, while managing the end product quality more effectively.

QUALITY CONTROL (First Piece Production)
In our LEAN quality control process, the first piece of production is scheduled and built one day ahead before full scale production begins. This allows the production teams time to make any necessary adjustments before full scale production begins. We complete a 100% level 4 PPAP first piece inspection process before full scale production can begin. In the event that time will not allow completing first piece production one day prior to production, our quality control process limits production to 3 units until the first piece produced has passed inspection. This internal quality control process reduces the amount of scrap and/or rework time (WASTE) within the overall manufacturing cycle.


  • Custom developed and produced in-house fixturing ensures that tube bundles are assembled correctly. Signatures are required the first unit production when the bundles are assembled. This QC process reduces the opportunity for operator error.
  • Custom developed and produced in-house fixturing is utilized to position attaching parts at the correct angles and locations. This process is done in a product preparation stage versus on an assembly line with moving machine heads. This process yields much quicker set up times, and reduces the opportunity for operator error.
  • For all multi-pass products that utilized dividers, we programmatically place location markings on the outside shell of the unit. This step takes place during the process when the CNC machines are being used to properly locate and machine the fitting hole locations. This location marking shows the position where the active legs on the dividers should be located. This QC process step reduces scrap by helping the operators assemble the units correctly.

QUALITY CONTROL (In-Process Inspection)
Inspection methods are quick but very effective. Mylar templates used to check first piece of finished CNC shells. Very quickly check Shell diameter, shell length, hole location and divider markings for shells after coming out of the CNC. Less chance of operator error by misreading gauge or choosing wrong materials.

Tube and shell standards that set cut lengths and are used to set up go-no go snap gauges that allow us to quickly check lengths at random during the run. Set up is quicker and there is less chance of scrap due to operator error.
Spud Keys that set the cut length for spuds, reducing set up time and scrap due to operator error.


TestingOur manufacturing process is based on the belief that you cannot inspect quality into a product. Therefore, our Quality Control process is set up to manage the total number of inspections a product receives throughout the production cycle. Every component manufactured is leak tested by submerging the product into a water test tank before air is introduced. At this time a visual inspection is performed to ensure there are no leaks at any of the brazed or soldered joints as well as any of the gasket sealed joints. Operating within a LEAN based Quality Control environment supports our 2016 achievement of shipping less than 1% reject rate of our total production to our OEM customers.