Component Testing

Many of the custom designs solutions Monitor develops are based off of prior technology and/or product designs. In many cases this extensive experience allows us to leverage earlier performance results in combination with running the new design through a performance calculating program. This combination of steps allows us to accurately predict how a new design will perform in a new application or user market. Having over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing product solutions is considered a value-add for OEM customers when this product experience can be leveraged towards new product designs. However, in some cases a custom design may be such that component level testing is required to validate the design concept before moving towards final product validation. Monitor's strategic product testing alliance allows us to provide additional value throughout the complete product development cycle. This relationship is another tool that supports us in offering the most complete cooling system design solutions for our OEM customers.


  • Natural and Induced Environments 
  • Salt water immersion, Spray, or cyclic testing 
  • ASTM, SAE, Military, or Commercial requirements 
  • Temperature from —100 to +1800°F 
  • Vibration 
  • Random 
  • Sine 
  • Sweeps or fixed frequency 
  • Temperature and Humidity environments 
  • Tensile and Compression 
  • Mechanical Shock 
  • Thermal Shock 
  • Open water exposure for barnacle growth or tidal effects