OEM Product Solutions


Monitor Products specializes in a variety of traditional tube and shell heat exchanger products. Monitor Products evaluates, designs and manufactures products specifically designed to meet the customer established performance and cost objectives in conjunction with the targeted environmental exposure and duty cycle requirements.

tube & shell


Traditional tube & shell heat exchanger designs utilizing a standard cylindrical copper shell are historically the most cost effective, design efficient and easily serviceable method for removing the heat out of an engine where an external water source is available. However, not all Tube & Shell products are built the same, perform the same or last the same. Monitor Products goes to great lengths to ensure that the Tube & Shell products we offer will not only meet but in many cases exceed Cost / Performance / Quality objectives established by our OEM customers.

tube & shell designs


  • Low Overall Cost vs Heat Transfer Efficiency = Best Value
  • Can be Perceived as “Lower Tech” vs Other Solutions
  • Lowest Tooling Investment
  • Requires Manual Labor to Produce
  • Fast Lead-Time From Design to Production
  • Can be Susceptible to Vibrational Failures if Applied to Improper Applications and/or Proper Design and Manufacturing Techniques are Not Followed
  • Good Design Scale-ability
  • Annual Volumes Can Be Limited by Manual Labor Constraints
  • Good Design Flexibility
Tube Bundle



Oil Cooler
  • Easily Serviced
  • High Heat Transfer Efficiency
  • Good Resistance to Corrosion
  • Good Fit for Low to Medium Volume Requirements
  • Doesn’t Require Sealing Strips or Complicated Gaskets
  • Supports Reduction of Componentry with Integrated Thermostat Housings (See Image)
  • More Robust Joint Between the  Header, Tube Sheet and Shell Due to Brazing vs Dip Soldering



Monitor co-developed and pioneered the original Hybrid Tube & Shell / Cast Housing cooling system. This unique design offers the proven benefits of the Tube & Shell design versus a cast housing with an inserted tube bundle. These benefits include;

  • BETTER PERFORMANCE - Doesn’t Require Sealing Strips or Special Gaskets.
  • BETTER PERFORMANCE – Allows 100% Coolant Flow Through the Engine at All Times.
  • BETTER SERVICE-ABILITY - Unit Can Be Removed in Tightly Confined Areas.
  •  REDUCTION OF COMPONENTS – Eliminates Hoses While Integrating the Thermostat and Housing in a Clean & Compact Package.
Hybrid Cooling System Hybrid Cooling Schematic



  • Cast multi-functional outer housing similar to common removable bundle coolers but with an internal narrowed section within the casting which includes an O-ring to separate the jacket water inlet and outlet. 
Cartridge Cooler


  • The heat exchanger unit utilizes a normal outer shell and is removable with two simple O-ring seals sealing against the outer shell at either end.
  • This design totally separates the raw water and engine coolant seals making the cooler less vulnerable to common corrosion damage that occurs due to small raw water leaks around seals. 
  • Utilizes a large cross-sectional area O-ring to allow a more forgiving seal, unlike most removable bundles which typically require tight tolerances to seal properly. This makes for easier field servicing. 
  • Clean-out of the raw water passes is fast and easy. End covers can be removed with one or two bolts giving you complete access to both ends of the bundle without disturbing the jacket water seals.
  • High performance knife edged dividers are sealed with brazing to  maximize the number of tubes, and eliminate raw water leakage. This also eliminates the need for the thin and difficult to install sealing strips.